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mardi 8 septembre 2015

In what spirit should we build ?

The aim of our association “La Route de l’Europe chrétienne”, i.e. of each of its members, is to work for the re-evangelisation of Europe by defending its Christian roots.

The 27 member countries of the European community constitute the field of action of our work. They cover our entire continent, a huge territory from Ireland to Ukraine and from Norway to the Isle of Malta, containing innumerable sanctuaries and places of pilgrimage. The pilgrim roads seem to us the best way to meet others in order to re-evangelise.

Deeply attached to the religious history that has formed our continent since the beginnings, we are trying to have relationships with all the Christians sharing the same faith in the Almighty and also meet those who do not share it. To show our determination and prove the reality of our actions, we want, in connection with each of these countries, to build a Christian sign (a cross, calvary, chapel, oratory).

To be able to achieve that, we are seeking in every country the collaboration of “local” people : civil and religious authorities, parishes, communities, catholic action groups, movements of young people, families 1) . By associating them that way to our actions, they get attached to these small buildings, get a real satisfaction from the work they did and become aware to be part of the family of those who believe in God, family without limits. Thus we can hope that they’ll take the entire responsibility to save it and ensure its existence. The action is permanent and never finished : after the construction or restoration phase, they have to see after its maintenance, decoration, flowering and above all, its spiritual animation. It is not as much to conserve this little heritage but to ensure its radiation with the spirit of the One or those in whose honour crosses, calvaries or chapels were built. “Christ is the only hope of Europe” Mariazell 2004.

The “Route de l’Europe chrétienne” participates in the maintenance of Christian signs ; in reality it is an invitation to answer Christ’s call. Without the humility of the humble servant, our action might be vain. It might even be counter-witness, as all these Christian signs, sown all over Europe, will disappear one day however important they may be. Only will then Love remain, which is harmony in its perfection, the beginning of the Creation and the splendid Manifestation of the existence of God.

1) oratory in honour of Saint Joseph, Bessillon, Var 83, France this oratory has been achieved by a group of volunteer family fathers, some without work. Our association has provided the statue of Saint Joseph, the cross, the iron grid and the plans, some firms have offered the materials.


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